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Lekia K. Hill

Powerful Voices App


21 Westbrook Hills Drive
Syracuse, NY  13215

315-412-3935 (voice)


Lekia Hill
  Business Categories:
Trainers, Speakers & Performance Consultants
In Business Since: 2010

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 1

Locations: Central, NY Westchester/Rockland County NYC

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State

  Description: Powerful voices App is a non-partisan civic and political participation platform that seeks to promote civic and political participation in underprivileged Urban and Rural communities.
  Profile: Lekia K. Hill is a Life Enthusiast, Founder of Powerful Voices App, 3Es Power Parties and owner of 3Es Consulting Group, an empowerment consulting agency which promotes and produces effective solutions for positive and productive outcomes in life and in business. Areas of expertise are; DEI, Community Engagement & Government Relations. She has over 15 years of sales experience in both financial and communication industries. In 2010 life altered and she transitioned into community and government relations as an organizer and political campaign coordinator. Lekia has a successful track record in development strategies and winning social policies that work for the working and middle class and electoral campaigns across NYS. Currently she is the Community Outreach and Diversity Coordinator at Hueber-Breuer Construction in Syracuse, NY. Hill coined the name “The Real Deal Hill” given by Nationally Acclaimed Broadcast Professional and Syracuse University Professor Dr. Roosevelt Rubin “Rick Wright” Jr. due to her broad range of work experience and efforts and ethics in community service. She is an engaging motivational speaker with inspiring stories to share. Her goal is to empower, encourage and help others to embrace life and business with an open and balanced mindset.
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