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Regional Marketplace

Welcome to the Women TIES Regional Marketplace!

The Women TIES Regional Marketplace is where our members promote corporate products, services, discounts and events to foster sales across a large geographic region.

It is also a place to shop for products and services offered by other women-owned businesses. Find discounts on their corporate products and services, special pricing on new product offerings, invitations to special events, reduced rates on programs and seminars, and much more.


  • Click on the categories below to learn about current specials being offered.
  • Once you find a special you'd like more information about, click on "take advantage of this offer" and submit your contact information.
  • The owner of the company will contact you via email or phone with more details.


There are no marketplace specials being offered at this time.



Are you a Premium or Enhanced Women TIES members with a new product, special service, discounted offering or event, you would like advertised on our highly searched website and promoted weekly in the popular Women TIES e-newsletter?

  • Log in to the Member Area.
  • Fill out the Marketplace Special form and submit it for approval.
  • Once approved, the special will be listed for 60 days and promoted to 1,200 women entrepreneurs each week for 60 days. Specials can be renewed or changed and promoted as soon as they expire by simply filling out the form again.



If you'd like to offer specials to increase your corporate sales from our website visitors, click here to become a member and within a week you can be a part of this innovative and exciting virtual marketplace.

The Women TIES Regional Marketplace was created to foster buying from women-owned businesses across New York State so the physical distance between our companies doesn't hamper women from buying from each other. On behalf of our members, thank you for shopping with us.


    315.708.4288   |   info@WomenTIES.com   |   P.O. Box 339   |   Syracuse, NY  13211
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