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Mission and Benefits

Women TIES' mission is to help women entrepreneurs increase their revenue by providing PR tools to brand their name on highly visited website, through social media marketing and at numerous regional events across New York State.

Women still earn 77 cents on the dollar that men earn and until the day women are making the same amount or more money than men, Women TIES exists to create strong economic "ties" between women across New York State to increase their business opportunities and give them ways to market their companies to gain exposure.

We believe in the buying and selling power of women. Become a member and use Women TIES as a secondary marketing source for your company.


Women TIES offers two membership levels—enhanced and premium with varying degrees of promotional benefits based on a woman's interest in the degree of advertising she wants for her company. Each membership level offers women entrepreneurs the ability to:

  • Be identified as a woman-owned business
  • Be affiliated with a company receiving high rankings in internet search engines
  • Promote corporate products, services, specials and event all year to increase sales.
  • Expand their local, state and regional marketplace in New York State.
  • Increase their corporate visibility to forge economic connections with other women entrepreneurs
  • Be inspired to higher levels of entrepreneurial success

Click Here to Review Specific Membership Levels and Benefits



Membership Directory

The membership directory gives women entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote information about their companies on our frequently visited website. Not only do you join a sisterhood of women entrepreneurs by being listed but you advertise your company, company services or products, and business information to everyone who comes across our website. Online advertising is where businesses need to be for future business success. Make sure you are listed where it counts. New and renewing members are rotated on our homepage for additional advertising. Be listed with Women TIES.


Regional Designation

Women TIES' unique regional organization will connect women entrepreneurs living in specific New York areas by allowing regional designation with membership registration. Allowing women to list regions where they operate their headquarters and where they want to network for new business opportunities, opens up new sales opportunities. Women TIES will establish quarterly events in regions where a group of women entrepreneurs are interested in Women TIES helping them create a stronger local network. Learn more about our regional locations and volunteers on our About Us page.


Regional Marketplace Specials

Members can also list discounts on products and services, list special pricing on new products, and offer reduced rates for events, seminars and programs on this special Women TIES Regional Marketplace page. Specials can be listed 365 days a year to help increase the opportunity of corporate sales. We then cross promote the specials weekly to over 2,000 women to brand your name and sales special. This special service was created to foster buying between women-owned businesses across the state so the geographic distance between companies doesn't hamper buying from each other. This is one of the best promotional and sales tools Women TIES offers its members. To learn more about the Regional Marketplace Specials click here.


Strategic Sales and Educational Luncheons

Strategic sales and education luncheons are designed to feature successful women entrepreneurs whose gusto, intellect, and business savvy have propelled them to success in growing their company. These women share their success strategies and business expertise on the most relevant business topics with the audience.

These luncheons provide valuable strategic sales and promotional opportunities for attendees. Our signature "sales" document is handed out at each event creating more opportunities for sales follow-up after the event. We strongly encourage women entrepreneurs, from all over the state, to travel to different cities to expand their marketplace, promote their businesses, and forge new economic connections with other women business owners.

Upcoming lunch information, presenter credentials and reservation information can be found on the Events page.


Inspirational Blog, E-Newsletter and Podcasts

Women TIES believes in inspiring women to higher levels of entrepreneurial success. Weekly our popular blog which features inspiration and education for women entrepreneurs is featured on our homepage. Our blog also features and links any paid members' blogs for additional promotion for their businesses.

Women TIES also publishes a weekly "Wednesday Wisdom" e-newsletter, one of our most popular services according to our members, that provides educational, promotional and inspirational information every Wednesday. The e-newsletters profile a Woman of the Week, current regional marketplace specials, business success strategies, inspirational quotes and upcoming events. Advertising opportunities are available for women interested in placing banner ads or contributing articles on their business expertise. For more information on advertising or contribution information, contact info@WomenTIES.com for pricing, deadlines and artwork specifications.

Women TIES also records short weekly inspirational podcasts. Be inspired by three minute recordings, delivered by Women TIES President Tracy Higginbotham, by clicking on the title of the business inspiration of the week.


Speakers Bureau of Women Entrepreneurs

Women TIES Speakers Bureau of Women Entrepreneurs promote Women TIES members interested in being presenters or speakers at seminars, events, trade shows, or conferences around New York State. We refer our members as speakers when we are contacted by an organization; or interested organizations contact our members directly from their online directory listing. Being a presenter or speaker is an excellent way for women to gain valuable PR for their companies. For more information about the Speakers Bureau of Women Entrepreneurs, click here.


Online Store Promotion

In an effort to increase sales for women owned businesses who have online stores, Women TIES promotes Premium Members' online stores in two locations on our website. The advertising includes direct links from our Online Store page to members' online stores. Photos can also accompany online store links. Women TIES believes strongly in promoting our member businesses to increase their corporate brand and sales opportunities, so any woman entrepreneur with an online store(s) can receive even more promotion and visibility being listed with our organization. Increase your sales opportunities by listing your online store with Women TIES.


Testimonial Promotion

The Women TIES website is one of the highest ranked sites in Google for women entrepreneurs. In an effort to promote our members who are successfully collaborating or buying from each other, we give additional advertising to any of our members who send us a testimonial. We want to share our members' success news with the world. Testimonials are highlighted for one week on the Women TIES website homepage. This helps brand our members' names and sends more consumers to their directory listing.


Event Planning Services

For over twenty four years, Women TIES President Tracy Higginbotham has been planning, executing and managing special events through her first company Five Star Events. Women entrepreneurs interested in special event planning and management services to celebrate milestone events; to launch new business services or products; to thank clients, staff and vendors; or to create an exciting promotional opportunity for their company, can learn more by visiting our event management services page or by contacting Women TIES at 315-708-4288 or sending an email to info@WomenTIES.com.


PR Services

Women TIES is in essence a PR company for women entrepreneurs. We promote our members by featuring them in our Wednesday Wisdom emails and promoting their success news periodically in our online e-newsletter; forwarding their names to local media looking for businesses to promote; and sending their success news to local, regional and statewide publications. In addition, Women TIES is also hired by women entrepreneurs to create press releases and articles for their companies as an additional service. We have solid media connections and relationships. For more information about our PR services, contact Women TIES at 315-708-4288 or send an email to info@WomenTIES.com.


Media Referrals

Women TIES is periodically contacted by media for referrals on women achieving entrepreneurial success. We provide the names and profiles on women business owners involved with our company who are involved with newsworthy stories. These referrals are helpful in giving a woman substantial free promotion in important electronic and print media. Women TIES is a resource for the media so being affiliated with our company can help a company gain additional media exposure.


Social Media Marketing Promotion

Women TIES members are encouraged to promote their businesses all year long on two Facebook pages—one is Tracy Higginbotham and one is Women TIES—and on the Women TIES Linked In Group. Women TIES also has a Twitter page @womenties where promotion of one's business can also occur. Women TIES members who promote their businesses through our social media marketing outlets expand their marketplace since our "friends" are not only women business owners but other community members.

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