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Help Getting Healthy Events
  Aspire - Dare to Dream Offer expires: 9/28/17

What do you feel you should have done by this time in your life? Well this 2-hour workshop will help you re-discover your greatness and reclaim your significance, by focusing on the word IMAGINE.

We will GATHER, CONNECT, CREATE (vision journals), NIBBLE, SIP & ASPIRE together for only $37. (All inclusive.)

September 27 - Ground Round Event Room, Johnson City, NY - 6-8 pm

Call or text to register today!

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Help Getting Healthy Events
  ASPIRE - Determine Your Destiny! Offer expires: 10/5/17

How can you reclaim your significance and destine the life you want?

This Aspire event focuses on the word BELIEVE taking you steps toward reclaiming your significance by believing what is possible.

In this 2-hour workshop we will GATHER, CONNECT, CREATE (portable vision boards), NIBBLE (light apps), SIP & ASPIRE together for only $37 all inclusive.

Call or Text 315-575-3341 (Ala) to register for this workshop.

October 4 - Ground Round Event Room - Johnson City, NY - 6-8 pm

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