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Women TIES creates, hosts, sponsors and supports a variety of local, regional and state-wide entrepreneurial events. The website is updated frequently with important strategic networking and educational programs. You'll find event details, speaker profiles and registration information. Bookmark this page, so you can visit it easily to learn more about valuable entrepreneurial events to help you grow your business. Women TIES believes attending our strategic sales, networking and educational events is a valuable investment in your business.


Women TIES July Zoom Meeting "How to Make Change Your Friend" Sponsored by The New York Women's Business Center

Andi Simon Featuring:
Dr. Andrea (Andi) Simon
Corporate Anthropologist
Simon Associates, Inc.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Your own home office or business

Reservations due:  July 15

$15.00  (Member Fee: Presentation, 30 Second Pitch, Sales Contact List)
$20.00  (Non-Member Fee: Presentation, 30 Second Pitch, Sales Contact Lis)

These are fast-changing times that are upending much of what we did before. With social distancing, isolation, and the fear of the COVID-19 virus, people are struggling to figure out what they should change and how to make the right changes stick. As they emerge from this time, they are asking: what should I stop doing, continue to do, and start anew.

We must realize that our brains hate to change, often hijacking any efforts made to embrace the changes. Instead, we tend to flee them, fear them, or even appease them—but rarely gravitate to them. What to do to make "change your friend"? That is the topic of our webinar. Can you turn the unfamiliar into very familiar? Can you come out of the COVID-19 recession even stronger than before? Isn't it time to see the future through a fresh lens?

In this webinar, Dr. Andrea (Andi) Simon, a corporate anthropologist, thought leader, award-winning author, and excellent futurist podcaster will take you through a short journey to help you understand change.

In this talk, Andi will help you:

* Better understand why you and your brain hate change.
* Begin to visualize your future for the next two years.
* Learn how to make small wins to move you forward.
* Create the start of a ChangeMap process, Dr. Simon's proprietary tool, to help you begin your journey.

There will be time for your questions and a lot of doing, not just listening, so you can put pen to paper and begin to see yourself emerging from these chaotic times with new strengths.

This event is sponsored by the New York Women's Business Center based in Utica, New York serving 26 NYS counties. Their services are free. Find out more about them at www.nywbc.org

About the Presenter

Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. ("Andi") is an international leader in the growing field of corporate anthropology, an Axiom bronze Best Business Book of 2017 winning author of On the Brink: A fresh lens to take your business to new heights, and the founder and CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC).

Andi's forthcoming book is entitled Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business. Scheduled for release in January 2021, it shows how women today are challenging the expected norms of business and crashing through with extraordinary creative business, legal and professional solutions.

Dr. Simon enables organizations to see their cultures with fresh eyes. Her talks on Change Matters and Blue Ocean Strategy have been featured in over 500 engagements. She is widely covered in Inc.com, Business Week, Good Morning America, and Modern Healthcare and has been a blogger for Forbes and Fierce Healthcare.

With more than 125,000 monthly listeners, her podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, is ranked among the top 200 business podcasts and the rated among the top 20 for futurists.

Andi and her husband Andrew Simon (another Andy) launched the Simon Initiative for Entrepreneurship at Washington University in 2018. She was also a visiting professor teaching entrepreneurship at Washington University in 2006.

Her clients come from across the globe and span industries as she helps them come "off the brink," and learn how to soar again.



Media Sponsored by Women TIES: Sheroes and Champions "Energizing the Power of Your Vote"

Seneca Falls Revisited Featuring:
Sharon Nelson

Thursday, July 23, 2020
10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Virtual Conference

Reservations due:  July 23

$59.00  (1 Ticket/Private Link for all 3 Days of Conference )
$500.00  (1 Key Corporate Link for all 3 Days for Entire Organization)

Women TIES, with its equality division founded in 2017, is proud to media sponsor this event.

CREW, Civically Re-Engaged Women, announces their upcoming conference "Sheroes & Champions: Energizing the Power of Your Vote."

The celebration of the "The Vote" is in observance of the Centennial of the 19th Amendment (Women's Right to Vote) in the United States Constitution.

The four conference takeaways will be The True Meaning of Sacrifice, Sisterhood It's More Than Just a Phrase, Coalition Building, and Progress. Speakers and conference registration can be viewed on the website www.crewomen.com.

In the 72 years that the Suffragist movement fought for the right to vote it's important to remember the sacrifices of the women on the front lines, most of whom have gone nameless and faceless. SHEroes and Champions of the movement were unsung leaders who were determined to elevate their voices to see themselves in a country that gave them no access to equality. This equality was articulated in the "right to vote" which President Woodrow Wilson and the 65th & 66th Congress passed in 1919 and subsequently turned over to the states culminating in ratification and adoption to the US Constitution in 1920.

To learn more about this event, visit www.crewomen.com.

About the Presenter

After 30 years of being a political operative and strategist, Sharon Nelson has taken her knowledge and experience base to create CREW to empower Underserved and Underrepresented Constituency groups to seek real-time opportunities for inclusion and intersectionality. She is a certified Democratic National Committee Finance Director.



Women TIES Zoom Meeting "Podcasting and Networking - The Gifts the Keep Giving" Sponsored by the NYWBC

Nicole Christina Featuring:
Nicole Christina
Zestful Aging Podcast

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Noon - 1:30 p.m.
Online Webinar From Your Home or Office

Reservations due:  July 28

$15.00  (Member Fee: Presentation, 30 Second Pitch, Sales Contact List)
$20.00  (Non-Member Fee: Presentation, 30 Second Pitch, Sales Contact Lis)

Where can women entrepreneurs market, network, and share their personal thoughts on a topic? Podcasting. Perhaps you've contemplated creating one yourself but aren't exactly sure why you should or how it can lead you to a new world of people all while getting your name spread around the world.

At this Women TIES Zoom Program "Podcasting and Networking - The Gifts that Keep Giving" sponsored by the New York Women's Business Center, Nicole Christina, an international podcaster living right in Central New York, will enlighten you to consider creating your own podcast.

Nicole will inspire you to grow your audience and have a blast doing it because podcasting is simple and inexpensive and you'll wish you had done it sooner. Walk away learning some of the basic things to consider as you fire up the mic and connect with people all over the world who want to hear your message. She will also share some great resources. You don't want to miss this exceptional program.

This event is sponsored by the New York Women's Business Center located in Utica, New York but offering free services to women entrepreneurs in 25+ counties across the state. Find out more about them at www.nywbc.org.

About the Presenter

Nicole Christina is the host of Zestful Aging Podcast, an interview show heard in 91 countries. She's also a psychotherapist of 30 years.

Nicole's guests are change makers from a variety of disciplines; filmmakers, writers, advocates, poets, musicians, Arctic researchers, athletes and entrepreneurs, many of whom are experts in their fields. The Show has a humanitarian focus, and looks at the importance of leaving your own legacy. Leaving a legacy is a way of contributing to the common good, which has shown to have a significant impact on aging well.

Zestful Aging is a media partner with the International Federation of Ageing, based in Toronto. Nicole is working on her first book: "Not Just Chatting; How to Become a Great Podcast Interviewer".

Find out more at ZestfulAging.com.



2020 Suffragist City Parade September 2020 - Join the Women TIES Parade Group By July 30th

Women TIES Equality Division Featuring:
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
Women TIES Equality Division

Thursday, July 30, 2020
9 a.m.
Rochester, New York or Virtually So Join Our Video If We Can't March in Person

Reservations due:  July 30

$25.00  (Registration Fee - Most likely money used for a Keepsake Item)


National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House
is going forward with the September 12, 2020 Suffragist City Parade!

Women TIES committed to gather a group of women entrepreneurs for the 2020 Suffragist City Parade late 2019 knowing we had some feminists and pro-female women entrepreneurs in our midst who would want to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of women's right to vote.

We just found out the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House is going forward with the September 12, 2020 Suffragist City Parade and it's going to be great! It will either be a combination of a 6-feet-apart
physical parade that is live streamed with pre-recorded videos or a completely virtual parade. The parade will be a Social Justice March Celebrating Hope, Courage & Change.

SO WOMEN TIES IS LOOKING FOR A TEAM OF WOMEN TO JOIN OUR TEAM! A team is two or more individuals who may cross geographic lines to create a "virtual float"(in the same way that we would group individuals into marching groups in a physical parade). Virtual floats comprised of an image, a collage, or a videos of their team. For the virtual parade, video clips should be 10 seconds or less.

If you want to be in the Women TIES virtual float, we'll gather women who register below for a video taping (outside safely) and submit it for the virtual parade. If by chance it is safe to march physically on September 12th, anyone who signs up will march with our group in Rochester.

No matter what, we'll film the video. We are encouraged to dress up in a uniform or costume that represents our group or profession. We can also encourage people to VOTE.

This is who we need to help us:
* A great videographer (aka talented video taker)
* Creative mind for our "dress"
* Women who want to celebrate our right to vote
* Women wanting to represent women entrepreneurs
* Most likely, women who like wearing pink!

Right now, we have a $25 registration fee to make sure we get women truly interested in joining us. This money will go towards something uniform we will have on us or wear or for food/drink when we take the video.

We encourage you to invite other women entrepreneurs you know to join our group no matter where they are from. Mostly likely meeting in Syracuse or Rochester to tape the video.

2020 was supposed to be the Year of the Woman until Covid-19 hit, so let's jump on board of the "virtual float" and show the world women entrepreneurs are still here to celebrate and offer products and services the marketplace needs.

About the Presenter

After Tracy Chamberlain Higgibnotham took 120 women to the Women's March on Washington in 2017 to ensure the new president and government didn't forget that women make up 52% of the population, Women TIES created their "Women's Equality Division" to participate in, host, and support pro-female, feminist focused events, programs, and initatives.

Tracy's inspiration to get involved in female leadership and rights stemmed from her "political" run as class president for her 9th grade class in 1979 forming an all-girls slate to challenge the all-boys slate at the time.

She persists....



Order Your Own "Under the Rose-Colored Hat" Book Authored by Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

Under the Rose-Colored Book Featuring:
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
New Author
Under the Rose-Colored Hat

Saturday, August 15, 2020
9 a.m.
Your Home

Reservations due:  August 15

$13.00  (Wonderful Book )

If you are looking for inspiration about kindness, compassion, acceptance, and generosity in today's world, look no further than "Under the Rose-Colored Hat."

If 2020 looks like a difficult personal and business year for you or a woman entrepreneur you know, consider buying "Under the Rose-Colored Hat."

And if you hor someone you know struggles with self-esteem, body image doubts, or not feeling like they fit into society, buy a copy of "Under the Rose-Colored Hat."

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham gives her wisdom, insight, and lessons from a year and a half struggle with a life-altering disease that brought out the best in others which led her to recovery and acceptance of herself. The book is meant to uplift and enlightens its readers.

Order your special copy at this specific Amazon link: https://amzn.to/36AR9vm

You can just click the "Your Home" link on this page and it will take you to the correct Amazon order page.

Thank you. Tracy

About the Presenter

A 25-year woman entrepreneur, inspirational writer, and promoter of women entrepreneurs shares her personal story, lessons and wisdom learned while dealing with alopecia, an auto-immune disorder that affects 6.8 million people in the United States today.



Coronavirus Event Update

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham Featuring:
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
Founder & President

Monday, August 31, 2020
7 a.m.
Women TIES

Reservations due:  September 1


Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, President of Women TIES, has been a professional event planner for 30 years, including planning regional events, conferences, and large retreats for women entrepreneurs all over New York State. She can't wait to get back to planning once the coast is clear surrounding doing inside events safely to make sure none of her attendees catch Covid-19.

Until then, please join Tracy and other women on our Zoom Meetings from the comfort of your home office where we offer the same excellent educational seminars by top female entrepreneurs.
Our Zoom Meetings are getting national and international female business owners in attendance too so our marketplace is expanding to help you expand yours.

Please visit our blog at www.womenties.blog to learn business success strategies we have been sharing since 2008 and will continue to do.

You can also join us on our Podcast called "Women Entrepreneurs' Poolside Business Chats" on podbean at this email address: http://www.poolsidechats.podbean.com

We promise to be back in some form with live events - even if they are small - to continue to unite, promote, market and educate women entrepreneurs.

About the Presenter

Celebrating her silver anniversary supporting, promoting and uniting women entrepreneurs in person at events and online to help them increase their brand and opportunities for sales in order to help increase their revenue and help eradicate pay inequality for women, Tracy is pro-female believing women should support women in business, sports, equality and life.

She won't stop helping her constituents especially during this time period and beyond.




    315.708.4288   |   info@WomenTIES.com   |   P.O. Box 339   |   Syracuse, NY  13211
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