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Category: Nutritional Services

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Jennifer Waters

WatersLight, LLC

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

191 Intrepid Lane
Syracuse, NY  13205

315-247-8613 (voice)


Business Category:
Nutritional Services
Women's Issues

In Business Since: 1998

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 5

  Description: Stem Cell Activation, Intelligent Aging With Phototherapy; Strategies For A Resilient Immune System; Purification Practices; Causes For Perfect Digestion
  Profile: For over 20 years, Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. has had the privilege of working in private practice with countless patients of all ages and backgrounds. Her passion is discovering the root cause of dis-ease so that you can lead a life of health. Jennifer has been a practitioner of Zen meditation for over three decades, attributing her cultivation of health and emotional resilience to the profound practice of zazen. She also holds the following certifications: Diplomate and Licensed Acupuncturist Certified Arvigo Therapist Master Photobiomodulation Light Therapist Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked with many people looking for common-sense approaches to health. She relies on lifestyle changes, nutrition, whole food nutrients & phototherapy to activate your capacity for healing. Jennifer creates customized protocols which adapt to your life.
  Featured Products or Services: Phototherapy patches to mobilize your stem cells Acupuncture and Light Therapy
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Susan E Brown

Center for Better Bones

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

605 Franklin Park Dr.
East Syracuse, NY  13057

315-437-9384 (voice)
315-415-1366 (voice)
315-432-9231 (fax)


Business Category:
Nutritional Services
Blogs/Web Bloggers

In Business Since: 1984

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 6

Locations: No, just 1 in East Syracuse

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National, International
  Description: Health maximization through nutritional services
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