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Category: Spiritual Awakening & Healing

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Valerie Cook

Val Cook Coaching & More, Solutions

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

3149 Rt. 11A
NEDROW, NY  13120

315-505-8577 (voice)
803-992-4832 (voice)


Valerie Cook
  Business Category:
Spiritual Awakening & Healing
In Business Since: 2010

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 0

Locations: CNY Healing Center 191 Intrepid ln, Syracuse, NY

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National
  Description: I help women who are overwhelmed, overworked and struggling with juggling time, money, personal growth achieve transformational breakthroughs using different techniques and therapies. Let Your Life Soar is my philosophy! Has your life become a daily struggle? Are you feeling trapped? Do you wish you had made better choices in your life? Are you looking to bring in more happiness, prosperity, or want feel more spiritually connected? Through the use of variety of modalities that are tailored to your specific needs, I can help you Re-connect with your inner creative "self' to move past the circumstances and events in your life that have been holding you back and to live the life you truly want to live.
  Profile: Val Cook is a Life Coach, Healer, Author, Presenter, Founder & President of Manifesting Your Dreams. Val’s personal motivation comes from over 25 years of working in Social Services and creating change for the Onondaga Nation, a Native American community in upstate NY. Certified in a variety of modalities along with a lifetime of learned experiences, intuition, creativity and natural gift for teaching, Val assesses the individual needs and goals of each client to determine the best approach and combination of modalities to expedite a person’s process and help them to achieve their goals. Anyone who comes in contact with Val can tell she absolutely loves what she does. Her positive energy, love for humanity, and ‘anything is possible’ attitude is infectious! It is her passion to provide every client with possibilities and tools to create the life they truly want and deserve!
  Featured Products or Services: Hypnotherapy, Rapid Results Coaching specific to each client
  Women TIES Business Referrals: Tracy Higginbotham - I have had a couple different sessions with Val and both times found her very compassionate, caring and gentle helping to deal with some past issues that limited my thinking. I highly recommend making an appointment with Val.

Roseanne Olszewski

Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be!

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

116 Hutchinson Ave
Syracuse, NY  13207

315-727-0645 (voice)


Business Category:
Leadership Development and Motivational Speaking
Spiritual Awakening & Healing
Women's Issues
Event Design and Coordination

In Business Since: 2014

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 1

  Description: The purpose and vision of Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be! is to provide you with a safe, nurturing and confidential environment for you to explore and expand into each new phase of your life. As a client of Metamorphosis, you will develop your own unique action plan to develop the skills necessary for you to debunk the notion of a flawed Self and set into motion a plan to uncover the treasures of a transformed Self. Developing your own transformative self-leadership skills is an effective way for you to uncover your hidden strengths instead of focusing ONLY on your weaknesses. The process helps you to determine the best course of action for you to effectively integrate your newly developed transformative self-leadership skills into your life so that you become an evolved whole you, the first phase of personal transformation!
  Profile: I have a Bachelor of Professional Studies/Legal Studies from Syracuse University and a Masters of Art in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. I have many years of experience in: • counseling • advocacy • developing transformative education programs • facilitating groups toward transformative change • creating and presenting workshops on the healing properties of creativity, as well as contributing to the ongoing dialogue about leadership, mindfulness, and the importance of self-awareness. My value to you as a client of Metamorphosis, is bringing you my years of experience in these areas. In my work as a counselor, advocate and educator to victims of domestic and sexual violence I’ve developed successful programs addressing the feelings of: • low self-worth • high anxiety • fear of success I discovered that as my clients began to develop their own tools for transformative self-leadership… they began to feel in control of their lives once again. By developing your unique action plan toward transformative self-leadership, you will enhance your daily living experiences both personally and professionally. I’ve learned that Leadership is not just for CEO’s and there is a leader in all of us! I have the tools to help you create a plan to develop your inner leader and transform your life! Start your Metamorphosis with me today!
  Featured Products or Services: Multiply Grace cards Leading My Way...A three-part series for the discovery of your Self! Private counseling/coaching in person or through online platform. Workshops/Retreats/Events to nurture your creative self! Advocacy Personal professional staff development workshops & retreats
  Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness

Mary E Riposo

Co-owner, Wellness Director
Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness

(Equity Partner/50% Woman Owned)

6499 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY  13078

315-416-7270 (voice)
315-373-0626 (voice)


Mary Riposo
  Business Category:
Yoga & Wellness
Spiritual Awakening & Healing
Natural/Alternative Health
In Business Since: 2002

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 9

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National, International

  Description: Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness is an 11,000 square foot facility located at 6499 E. Seneca Turnpike in Jamesville,NY.Infinite Light Center, founded by Tony & Mary Riposo, provides a sanctuary for wellness, offering services & programs that inspire and empower you to live your best life.

Lori P Smith

Emotional Wellness Specialist

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

15 Mulcahy Blvd
Rochester, NY  14624

585-615-6427 (voice)


Business Category:
Spiritual Awakening & Healing

In Business Since: 2013

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 1

Desired Market: Local
  Description: Awakenings focuses on emotional wellness and empowerment. Focuses are Releasing negative emotional energy of the past through Emotional Freedom Technique, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Authenticity, learning how to release unwanted emotions and manifesting the future you desire.
  Profile: I started Awakenings in 2013 with little more than a dream and the knowledge that I had something to offer. Everyone has a story full of tragedy and love and mine is no different. My journey has led me to a place where my cup runneth over and I am grateful for every experience. I share this because it's my purpose to help others get to this place of calm acceptance and peace no matter what has or is happening in their life. Learning how to work with energy in addition to using Emotional Freedom Techniques, changed my life. I am proud to say that I received my Master-Instructor certificate in Integrated Energy Therapy from the founder himself, Stevan Thayer. In addition, I'm currently on the path to receiving a certification in EFT. I approach every client from a place of love knowing that if they let it in, they will be forever empowered.
  Featured Products or Services: Manifest Coaching, Emotional Wellness Counseling, and Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions (Regular and Advanced). Emotional and Empowerment Programs. Packages.
  Women TIES Business Referrals: Jill Bates. Diana Palotas. Tracy Higginbotham
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