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Sheena Christ

Torrent Photography/ Waterfall Designs

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

6095 Poolsbrook rd
Kirkville, NY  13082-

315-723-3693 (voice)


Waterfall Designs

Business Category:

In Business Since: 2011

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 4

Locations: 2 - Chittenango and Kirkville

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National, International
  Description: Torrent Photography - Portrait and Wedding photography. Waterfall Designs - Personalized glassware and apparel.
  Profile: About me: My name is Sheena and I am the owner of Waterfall Designs and Torrent photography. I started my shop shortly after our DIY wedding. On the day of my wedding I was monogramming the last of the ornament favors and hand stamping the cocktail napkins when I realized that (not only was I addicted to crafting but) my work was done! I was inspired to help others with their wedding projects and also started making some unique monogrammed gifts. I loved seeing the joy when people received personalized items and I knew I needed to continue it! As the business grew so did my love for photography. I quickly realized I had a second passion and decided to start a second business.
  LizArt Photography

Elizabeth A. Phillips

Owner and Photographer
LizArt Photography

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

157 Mosher Road
Amsterdam, NY  12010

518-842-3239 (voice)
518-424-7209 (voice)


Elizabeth Phillips
  Business Category:
In Business Since: 1991

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 0

Desired Markets: Local, Regional
  Description: Photography Services
  Profile: I first began my love affair with photography in middle school as a yearbook photographer and it still continues today. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts & Photography in 1991. I worked many years in portrait studios, as newspaper photographer, and have been freelancing as a wedding photographer since the early 90's in the days of film. After having children of my own, I became obsessed with documenting our daily lives, and that of our family and friends, and discovered the joys of digital photography. I am passionate about capturing my subjects unique personalities and special points in our every day lives. Beauty exists in every moment if we just open our eyes to it. A session with me is fun, relaxed, and natural. I strive to capture images that are real, spontaneous, and fresh. Portrait sessions are shot on-location outdoors, using natural light whenever possible. My wedding style is unobtrusive and friendly. Your wedding day should be one of the best memories of your life. My goal is to guide you, not control you throughout your day and most importantly make your day stress free. I love my job and strive to be the very best at what I do. My challenge in every session is finding the details that make each one unique. I spend a lot of time on the computer after our session, enhancing your images with black and whites, special filters, color highlighting, etc. I believe my special touches are what will make your images stand out from the rest.
  Featured Products or Services: Specializing in on-location portrait sessions and weddings.
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